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Applicants for membership in the Special Forces Association must provide supporting documentation to prove eligibility. The documentation provided should leave no doubt as to the applicant’s eligibility to avoid delays in processing. Applications received without documentation will be returned as incomplete.

  • General Membership: Any Special Forces qualified soldier is eligible to become a General Member. Must possess orders issuing the Special Forces Tab, Graduation Certificate  from SFQC/SFOC, or orders assigning a Special Forces Military Occupational Specialty.

  • Associate Membership:  Any Soldier not Special Forces qualified and not possessing the documents to become a General member can apply to become an Associate Member. Individuals must have served for at least two years with a Special Forces unit, or served in a combat zone for a minimum of six (6) months attached as a member of a Special Forces unit, or have contributed in a unique and definable way if the time period is not met. Two letters of recommendation from Special Forces Association members in good standing must accompany all associate membership applications. Supporting documentation such as, Enlisted Records Brief (ERB), Officer Records Brief (ORB), or assignment orders to a Special Forces unit or operations that directly supported Special Forces operations must accompany all associate applications.

  • Decade Membership:  Those General or Associate members who serve with a Special Forces unit for a period of ten (10) years or more, served as a member in good standing of the Special Forces Association for 10 years or more, or have a combination of both time in a Special Forces unit and a member in good standing with the Special Forces Association are eligible to convert their membership into Decade Status. Must have supporting documentation to confirm timeline.

  • Lifetime Membership: Both General and Associate members may apply for Lifetime Membership. All prerequisites apply for either General or Associate membership.

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